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Our History

Winston Edwards

Winston Edwards started out in the business at the age of 14

In 1961 Winston Edwards set up his first milk round from an old fridge at the Old Cross Keys inn at Chirk.

Winston used an Austin A55 van to deliver around the Chirk area and soon built the business up enough to buy his own yard at Whitehurst, Chirk.

More than 50 years later, although Winston has passed away, the business has grown to employ his son and grandsons, six drivers and office staff.

Growing business

In that time Edwards Dairies has grown to supply more than 2,000 doorsteps from Oswestry and Chirk through Wrexham and right up to the Chester area as supplying local business including hotels, factories, shops and restaurants.

And despite the rise of supermarkets, Edwards Dairies has kept going strong by looking after its customers and by branching out to deliver local meats, eggs, vegetables, bread and a wide variety of dairy produce.

From early beginnings in Chirk, Winston was known and loved by his customers as a bit of a local character who was proud to serve his community.


He would often present his customers with flowers that he had picked from their gardens a few minutes before.

Not only did he play tricks, he was well known for dressing up at Christmas and going to cheer the elderly up in nursing homes with his brother in law and best friend Spencer Williams of Rhos-Y-Waun, Chirk.

At the age of 14 Winston’s son Martin joined the business, first part time while still at school, then going full time at the age of 16.

Three generations

Father and son worked well together and began buying up milk rounds from retiring milkmen in the Chirk and St Martins area, and then moving on to Wrexham.

And a few years later the tradition repeated when Martin’s son Louis joined the business – starting as a van lad just as his father and grandfather did.

When Louis turned 16 he went full time, becoming the third generation to deliver the daily pinta.

At 18 Louis was made a partner in the business and it has continued to expand with new products and more customers.