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That morning cuppa

For over 50 years we’ve been delivering milk to doorsteps and we’ve never missed a day, no matter what the weather.

These days we deliver much more than just milk and we have rounds covering much of north Shropshire, Wrexham and beyond. See where we deliver for more information.

Apart from fresh, local milk we can also deliver:

– Fresh meat
– Bread
– Fruit and veg
– Eggs
– Yoghurt, cheese and other dairy goods
– Other groceries, for example soft drinks

We deliver four days a week:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Why have milk delivered to your door?

  • Price: Our milk prices are the same as or cheaper than supermarkets.
  • Fresh, local produce: Our milk comes fresh from local farms.
  • Convenience: Not just milk but lots of other fresh, local foods delivered to your door.

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