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Your Milk Order Online

From Friday 1st June 2018 we are excited to introduce Your Milk Order Online.

This new system integrates directly with our back office database, allowing you to see and maintain your weekly regular order and to make one off order changes such as add an extra bottle for delivery next day.

A traditional web site ordering system where you select items, place them is a basket (usually pay) and then a delivery is made, does not really fit with the traditional milk delivery service that Edwards provides. YourMOO solves this by allowing you to view and maintain your Regular weekly order with us, but also see the current weeks Deliveries (which are a copy of your Regular Order) and then easily add one off deliveries or cancel when the fridge is full.

YourMOO also allows you to see a statement of your account. Each weeks bill is added to your account and you can even make a payment using SagePay.


For the new system to link with our back office system we need each customer to re-register with us. This is a simple three stage process.

Stage 1

Visit the Registration page and fill out your details.

Stage 2

You will receive a validation email from us to ensure that we have the right email address. This email should come through straight away but sometimes it can be delayed. You should not have any problems with the email being miss identified as spam as you have received messages from us before, but do check your Spam folder if it hasn’t come through in a reasonable time.

Click the confirmation link in the email, and you will be directed back to YourMOO which should let you know that we have got your details and are moving on to the final stage.

Stage 3

Our office administration staff will then be notified that you have registered and will attach your URN account number with the YourMOO login details. This is a security check to ensure that only you can gain access to your information. As this is a manual process this may take a day or two for us to process especially in the next few weeks as everyone moves over to the new system.

You will then receive a confirmation email to let you know that the process is complete and you can then visit the Login page. We hope you enjoy using the new system.